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Having fun with code! (Some icons are links, some are not)

UniChat - Universal Translation Chatroom App

Being my graduation project for my senior year of College, proving my skillset of a web design major, and a CS minor, this app bridged a major gap in communication. The application blended five different APIs, allowing for voice or text input of ANY number of people, in up to 75 languages. Every user in the chatroom would see the language output in their own language. Click here for a demo.


Universal Translator

In the span of three months, three classmates and I created a translation app that lets you have a conversation with either a person in another language, or if nobody is around, a chat bot that you can listen to in another language. As the second lead developer, I used languages such as Python and JavaScript, with many libraries in both languages, but mainly ReactJS.


Movie Database

For a web engineering class, in one month as the lead developer, with one other student, I created an entire movie database in PHP, and Javascript, using jQuery. You can register an account, add movies, delete movies, generate movie info reports, edit a movie, all using AJAX to access a SQL database.


Website About Malware

This is a website I hand coded in bootstrap and jQuery for a class I skipped in college called Computing for Digital Artists, but had to do the final project to show I knew what I was doing.

Shutterbugs Site

Built from scratch, a site built to simulate a photography group in Monterey. Uses PHP, jQuery, JavaScript and HTML. The distinguishing feature of this application is that I custom coded a Google Map to show camera icons in great places to take a photo.

jQuery Square Fun

This app shows a lot of the fun animations jQuery has. It uses HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery.

Color Site

A website that creates a basic visual representation of the colors of music. Uses PHP, Javascript, and the Amplitude JS audio library.


Epichat - Messaging App

This was my second project for a software engineering course I took in 2016. It uses the Facebook and Google login API’s, AWS Polly, and the Cleverbot API. The languages are Python, Flask, socketIo, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Try typing !! help. (some of the images are broken because of the Google API changing the image urls periodically for api calls.)

Intro to HTML Final

A final project website I made for an intro to HTML course in my first year of college, and first time using HTML and CSS.


CST 351 Classwork Compilation

This is all my classwork from my first Web Design class at CSU Monterey Bay in my first year.

My Maya Animation Project Videos

These are videos that I have made in the 3D modeling software Maya. All of this was done for different modeling and animation classes I have taken throughout my undergrad.

First Colleges Summary

A collection of work doing multimedia and web design at my first two community colleges.

Bible Verses for Anxiety

This is a react website that let’s you listen to an ai voice read bible verses about anxiety, and also have a soothing river sound play in the background.