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The portfolio of Daniel J. Britt

Full Stack/Cloud Developer & Sys Admin

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I have worked as a full time full stack developer sys admin and full stack developer for 3 years in the Bay Area, and 4 years prior to that I ran my own web business. These are some of the skills and tools I picked up on the way.



Tools & Libraries

Alexa Developer


Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Google Suite Expert
O365/Office 365
Linux Professional
WordPress Development
SEO Optimization
WooCommerce Custom Templating
Amazon Seller Central
Global Eccomerce Solutions
Custom Cloud Application Development
Cloud Infrastructure MGMT.
Full Stack Development
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
Windows Server
+ More!

Teaching Experience

I have been able to teach programming to kids from 2nd grade all the way up to senior level college courses. This has helped me in programming quite a bit, as teaching someone else makes you learn it even more.


CST 221 Intro to Javascript – 1.5 Years

CST 438 Software Engineering – 1 Year

CST 363 Intro to Databases – 1 Semester

Stevenson School - TA

Intro to Python – 1 Year

Senior Youth Partnership - Tech. Lead

Self Created Intro to Scratch Course (Visual Programming), 2-8th Graders – 1 Year


These are a mixture of school projects, and projects I have come up with on my own. I always make sure I have some project I am working on, to keep my programming in shape.

Universal Translator

In the span of three months, three classmates and I created a translation app that lets you have a conversation with either a person in another language, or if nobody is around, a chat bot that you can listen to in another language. As the second lead developer, I used languages such as Python and JavaScript, with many libraries in both languages, but mainly ReactJS.


Movie Database

For a web engineering class, in one month as the lead developer, with one other student, I created an entire movie database in PHP, and Javascript, using jQuery. You can register an account, add movies, delete movies, generate movie info reports, edit a movie, all using AJAX to access a SQL database.


Website About Malware

This is a website I hand coded in bootstrap and jQuery for a class I skipped in college called Computing for Digital Artists, but had to do the final project to show I knew what I was doing.


Using wordpress and other CMS platforms, I have designed, developed and deployed over 50 websites for a number of businesses and organizations in Tuolumne, Santa Cruz, and Monterey County. Here are a few!


I have attended 3 colleges, with an average GPA of 3.95. Since May of 2018 I have graduated from CSU Monterey Bay with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Web Design, and a minor in Computer Science.

CSU Monterey Bay

Bachelor’s of Science – 3.8 GPA

Web Design Major
Computer Science Minor

I have taken many classes teaching me more complex and useful ways to design effectively for the web. Being both a web design major, and a CS minor, I am receiving more of a full stack education, as I can both design a front end website, and also program and manage the backend of a web server.

Cabrillo College

Associates Degree – 4.0 GPA

Dean’s List
Digital Media Major

I finished my general ed, while also taking classes that taught me the basis of web design, the beginning of Java, photo editing and digital design.

Columbia College CA

Associates Degree – 3.9 GPA

President’s List
Multimedia Programming Major

On top of general ed, I learned the basis of web programming, how to illustrate digitally with illustrator, typography, film production, and 3D animation and modeling.